• IN OUR PREMIUM GRADE ROMA BLEND, we have carefully replicated those Classic Italian Roasts that thousands of Pilgrims enjoy every day in cafés along the Via della Conciliazione. We start with five Gourmet Arabica Beans from five different countries, and add a bold Robusta which gives it some kick! You will discover in our Roma Blend a strong, complex, full-bodied coffee that will get you going in the morning and will be the perfect companion for your Italian Biscotti ! Viva Roma !

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  • How Do You Brew Your Coffee?

    • Whole Bean - Grind your own beans.
    • Medium Grind - For Automatic Drip.
    • Coarse Grind - For Coffee Press.
    • Fine Grind- Personal preference.

*Choose: Medium: Automatic drip, Coarse: Coffee press, Fine: Personal preference.