• Saving The Unborn & Helping Mothers in Need With Your Coffee Dollars

    The Official Coffee of the 'March for Life'



    many other Pro-Life Organizations

  • _____Cafe 4 Life is a Pro-Life and Pro-Family fundraising program of the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Silver City, New Mexico, a Non-Profit Organization. The idea developed over a whole year, as a response to requests from our dear Pro-Life friends of the Monastery. At the March For Life, in January of 2013, someone asked one of our Monks: Can the Brothers roast coffee under a special label in order to raise funds for a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Mexico City? The answer was an emphatic yes!
    _____After one year of preparations, we are finally ready to introduce to Coffee Lovers everywhere our 100 % Arabica Gourmet Pro-Life Coffees. A generous portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of our Cafe 4 Life fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Organizations, world-wide. These organizations enable Mothers in grave difficulties to give birth to their precious gifts from God in peace.
    We would especially like to thank Judie Brown, the President of American Life League and an enthusiastic Coffee Drinker for her personal endorsement and encouragement in getting this important work underway. We are also grateful to Jack Ames, Co-Founder of Defend Life and Missy Reilly Smith, Foundress of W.A.K.E.U.P. for their generous support and outstanding charity in helping us do last minute organizing so that Cafe 4 Life could give birth at the January 22, 2014 March For Life!

    _____Pro- Life Coffee Drinkers spent some $ 11 Billion Dollars on Coffee last year. Of that, about $4 Billion went into the coffers of an Anti-Life and Anti-Family Coffee Company. Pro- Life Americans are going to drink lots of coffee again, this year. How about trying to reclaim that hard earned money for Life!
    We hope that many Pro-Life and Pro-Family Organizations will benefit from the sale of our new Cafe 4 Life Specialty Coffees. What a great idea! While you are drinking an excellent and fresh cup of Gourmet Coffee, you are confident that you are helping to protect the unborn and their Mothers from the horrors of abortion.

    _____It is our Monastery's sincere prayer that Cafe 4 Life will be a great instrument in the hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Patroness of the Unborn, to help save countless Unborn Children and their Mothers from the evils of abortion.

  • How Cafe4Life Works For the Community

    _____A Simple Explanation: Cafe4Life is an Easy Continual Fundraiser bringing in income for local Parish Crisis Pregnancy Centers and "Bethany Houses" that help Mothers in Need or poor married couples. It also helps raise funds for feeding and housing the Homeless in the Local community. Cafe4Life is sold to Parishes at Wholesale prices and Retailed to raise $3-5 or more per bag for local Pro-Life Works of Mercy.
    _____Here's how it works:
    1. We send you a Parish Order Form.
    2. The Pastor can say a few words about Cafe4Life Pro-Life Coffee in a homily or the weekly Parish bulletin, explaining how Parish Coffee Drinkers can help Mothers in Need and the Homeless by purchasing Cafe4Life on a regular basis! They'll be drinking an great cup of Monk Roasted, Award Winning Coffee while saving the Unborn and helping the Needy. An easy donation!
    3. Money raised in sales could:

    ___a) Fund travel expenses to the March For Life,
    ___b) Help fund Pro-Family Catholic Schools and Home Schools,
    ___c) Help fund local Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations,
    ___d) And would especially fund local women in a Crisis Pregnancy or even the Homeless in the Parish!
    4. Weekly Orders are taken by the Parish Pro-Life Ministry Leader, who can set up a coffee table every Sunday after Mass or at Parish events, with our hot, delicious Cafe4Life, donuts or pastries. The PLM Leader logs in to the wholesale webpage:, with the order. Orders are delivered fresh by the following Saturday for distribution. It's Easy! It’s Continual! It’s For Life!

    _____Setup a Wholesale Account Today: Find out how you can offer Cafe 4 Life in your own Parish or Office in order to fund raise for your hometown Pro-Life Organization. Call us at: 575.534.4000 or email us: to find out more.